Code of Conduct

In addition the current NSA Squash Code of Conduct the following rules of conduct will also apply:

    • Think safety first. Hold up on your shot rather than risk injury to your opponent.
    • Abide by the tournament and playing rules and those of squash etiquette.
    • Play your best at all times.
    • Be honest and fair to your opponent.
    • Give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. Accept your opponent's calls.
    • Ask for a let only if you think you could have reached the ball.
    • Don't try to "psych" your opponent except by the excellence of your game.
    • Win and lose in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE - need more info here

i. Verbal warning

ii. Written warning

iii. Termination of membership

Official Squash Rules:

  1. Singles Rules 2014 V2 Effective 1 January 2015
  2. Singles Rules 2014 v1 Introduction to the Rules of Singles Squash 2014

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